#Coffee #marseille #daylife #still #april  (à Little Pub)

#Coffee #marseille #daylife #still #april (à Little Pub)


disrupt!on opening in London from protofuse on Vimeo.

This is the opening of DISRUPT!ON sound/visual installation in London at The Center of Attention in Deptford (

It has been captured using a mobile phone.



Interview about DISRUPT!ON

#Interview about my noise & chaos vs order project DISRUPT!ON #noise

Here is a small report about DISRUPT!ON. You can listen to François Larini, the curator for NMNM, and me talking about this dual projects.

[youtube_sc url=”3sptp1aItF0” title=”Interview%20about%20DISRUPT!ON%20by%20Monaco%20Channel%20TV” color=”white” theme=”light” modestbranding=”1” fs=”1” hd=”1”]

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DISRUPT!ON installation & performance report

DISRUPT!ON #installation & #performance report #art #london #nmnm #noise #minimalism

So we did it.

François Larini, the curator of DISRUPT!ON both in London (installation side) and in Monaco (performance side), and I were saying this : WE DID IT.

At first in this report-like post, I want to thank massively and infinitely:

- François Larini, without him, this project wouldn’t have been done at all and I wouldn’t have met a very great person and curator. I really looking forward to…

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DISRUPT!ON on its way to London and Monaco

DISRUPT!ON #live #performance & #installation on their way to London and Monaco

Thanks to GMEM and Christian, Sarah & Jérôme especially.
I can say I finished the setup of DISRUPT!ON in their studios.

If you remember correctly, you already know that DISRUPT!ON is both an installation & live performance.

The installation will be setup in London at News of the world 50 Resolution Way, Deptford, London SE8 4NT and visible from 27th March to 13th April 2014.

The live performancew…

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disrupt!on sound/visual installation



disrupt!on sound/visual installation from protofuse on Vimeo.

disrupt!on is a sound/visual installation designed by julien bayle and curated by François Larini & the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco.

8 oscillators with each a frequency modulator, an amplitude modulator and a low quality delay line.

sometimes, on a random basis, some global parameters ramping and change.

sometimes, the system change complety randomly all parameters of all oscillators.

when tweets containing a specific meaning of information (#blpmc) are captured over Internet, from anywhere in the world, disrupt!on reacts. the impact can be long and make it evolving smoothly and progressively but can be very brutal and disruptive too. the system owns its own rules and rules evolve over time so usually, same causes don’t produce the same effect.

2 video projectors display the visuals that are a real-time sound interpretation. each of 8 oscillators drive a point coordinates (x,y) and then, 4 structures are drawn on the screen at the same time.
sometimes, 4 differents structures appears placed horizontally on the screen. sometimes they are superposed 2 by 2, and we can see only 2 greater structures. at last, 1 big structure composed by the 4 initial ones takes place as a rectangle in the middle of the place composed by the 2 screen. there is an empty area between the two display areas on the wall so in the latest case, the rectangle is cut and we miss a part of the visuals, evoking again the lost of meaning and the frustration of humans in front of an unpredictable system that they want to control.


The day when I met Carsten NicolaiGMEM – CNCM, where I’m currently making an artist residence, produces an electronic music festival…View Post

The day when I met Carsten Nicolai

GMEM – CNCM, where I’m currently making an artist residence, produces an electronic music festival…

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Julien Bayle Sound/Visual Artist from protofuse on Vimeo.

Born in 1976 in France, Julien Bayle started to explore sound and music around 1990 with a number of projects trying to show a different vision of music sequencing.

Working at the crossroads of visuals and sound, he seeks to merge visual art, music composition, physical approach of sound art and data visualization by creating advanced programmed installations and audio/visual live performances.

He performs under the names Protofuse and Julien Bayle.

He has been teaching digital arts at École Supérieure d’Art et de Design Marseille-Méditerrannée since 2013 focusing on Ableton Live, Max/MSP and Max for Live as well as artistic and aesthetic. He is also an official Ableton Certified Trainer involved in programming and knowledge sharing.

Currently, he has been researching new ways of performing audio-visual live performances, building his own tools and softwares by coding alternative sequencers.

He will show his new live project named ALPHA in 2014 involving sounds, visuals, algorithms and providing a unique experience where sounds and visuals are merged as a dense electronic matter in which the audience can deeply immerse.

He is also about to exhibit disrupt!on, a 3-screens-based audio-visual installation in London and to perform !mpulse, a 4-audio-channel-based live performance in Monaco at the end of March 2014. Both projects are connected through the internet and had been commissioned by the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco.